Why use Raccoon?

Raccoon serves many use case scenarios, likely yours as well! Below are the top three arguments.

Your privacy matters!
Once you hook up your phone with a Google account, things will start to happen, you'd rather not want to be told about. In a nutshell Google monitors your every activity and collects more material than a two-bit gumshoe on a divorce case.
Your bandwidth matters!
Smartphones are all about apps. You download them, you try them out. Some become your daily drivers, others are just fun once in a while, and eventually your collection grows too big to fit entirely on the phone and you start swapping. With Raccoon, swapping is fast and painless. All your apps are backed up on your PC, so you'll never have to download them again.
Your choice matters!
Raccoon is all about putting you in control over your phone:
  • Bypass region locks
  • Download incompatible apps
  • Roll back troublesome updates
  • Inspect apps for shady behavior