November 10, 2019


Time for a progress report:

  • As mentioned in my last post, I lost considerable time due to a parser bug. This put me behind schedule.
  • I have the framework of the new setup wizard largely ready. The CAPTCHA support makes it an obnoxious beast with a rather complicated state transition diagram. Once it is fully functional, there will be some major work integrating it into Raccoon (I’m developing it seperately from Raccoon since firing up the database for every testrun and clicking through the menu for each test run would take too much time).
  • Getting the CAPTCHA image and sending it back works. But I still seem to be missing a piece as I only get another CAPTCHA request.
  • I absolutely hate CAPTCHAs!!! Especially the ones Google throws at you where “i”, “r”, “n”, “m” and “l” blend so perfectly into each other that you can’t really tell them apart. I have to solve each CAPTCHA at least twice to be reasonably sure that I’m not getting a new CAPTCHA bescause I mistyped. That’s costing a tremendous amount of time.