September 21, 2020


Sure, laugh at Trump for calling TikTok a threat to national security (it’s kid posting karaoke vids of themselves after all!), but accidentally, he’s actually right…

  • In 2019, TikTok made 20% of its revenue ($36 million) in the US. That’s the US economy hemorrhaging money towards China.
  • TikTok is specifically targeting teenagers and young adults - upcoming first time voters. It’s the “Russia uses Facebook to influence democratic elections” argument all over again. Only this time, China controls the network.
  • TikTok captures the audience Facebook is loosing with a twitterized version of Youtube and it’s really good at it. One could see this as an attack on the US economy.
  • TikTok is dark patterns wherever you look. It rewards self exposure with 5 minutes of fame and uses peer pressure to conquer the school yard. Now think of a high ranking government official (military general, business leader,…) having a teenage daughter publicly documenting her life. Sooner or later, something sensitive is going to spill (granted, this is a side effect and can happen on any social network, but TikTok is the Chinese one, damnit!).
  • The sins of one’s youth make for great leverage in one’s future.