October 8, 2019

Adobe deactivates all Venezuelan accounts

Cloud - always sounds like a real money saver in the brochure: 'We host your data, so you don't have to', until it costs you your business!

You know what pisses me off so much about this? Cloud is exactly the same business model that made Microsoft rich and (in)famous. The only difference is that back then people locked away their valuable business data in proprietary office file formats. Now they are locking it away on someone else’s server farm. You’d think that after the office fiasco, people would finally learn and not make the same mistake again. But no. And it’s not like we geeks didn’t warn about this over and over again.

Folks, if you have mission critical data (no matter if it’s documents, pictures, software, whatever), make sure to store it in an open format and on a medium that is completely under your control. If you allow anyone to become a gatekeeper between you and your data, you are doing it wrong! Your data in someone else’s hands is never a good idea.

Hopefully it’s a wake up call this time, but I seriously doubt it. After all, the whole app ecosystem is build around cloud storage and Saas.