January 9, 2021

Cyberpunk 2077 - where's the logic?

Watching a 'Let's Play' - not getting it.

The world of Nightcity makes absolutely no sense to me. Supposedly you need implants to stay competitive in your “job”. They literally cost an arm and a leg to install, yet everyone seems to be able to afford a couple.

Our character is a mercenary, armed to the teeth, decked out in combat chrome, but still needs to empty several ammo clips in order to take down a single enemy on the henchman level (standard 9 mm bullets easily penetrate car doors, so there’s the argument about body armor and the game even let’s an NPC walk away after receiving multiple headshots).

For some strange reason, all those fancy implants offer network capabilities and can be accessed remotely to cause malfunctions. Nobody seems to think twice about plugging potentially malware infected data shards into their brain.

You can either knock off guards inefficiently with bullets or insta kill them by sneaking up and putting them out with a chokehold. None of their cyberwear seems to register your approach or bothers with sending out a distress signal, even though the very first mission explains that there’s a biomon implant that can summon Trauma Team. Wasn’t the premise to stay competitive in your “job”? You’d think, hyper senses and a biomon are standard issue for everyone carrying a gun.

I don’t know, but somehow Cyberpunk 2077 utterly fails to bring the “metal is better than meat” fiction to life. Why would people sacrifice perfectly good organs and limbs to get inferior tech that makes them less able and more vulnerable? Well, it’s probably for the better. Saves Santa a lot of awkward wish lists next x-mas.