Account settings

Google Play does not allow anonymous access. This means that you must supply Raccoon with a valid Google account in order to log in. It is highly discouraged to use your primary one for this purpose. Registering a secondary account and using that one exclusively for Raccoon is the save choice. Remember that you are using the software at your own risk!

If you find yourself being unable to log into your account with Raccoon, try the following:

  • Check your keyboard if CAPS LOCK is enabled.
  • Make sure you are not using an account that requires two factor authentication. If you have set up your account to use 2FA, you need to create an application specific password for Raccoon.
  • Google is pushing for OAUTH. Raccoon supports OAUTH, however it must log in once with username and password to generate it's security token. You can allow this by (temporarily) enabling "Less secure apps" from your account settings. This does not put your account at risk. Raccoon will not store your password in it's database.