Device Settings - Your GSF ID

Raccoon needs to mimic a real hardware device in order to connect to Google Play. You have two options:

Let Raccoon create a pseudo device
This is the option of choice for first time users. Raccoon will generate a hardware profile for a popular Android device and link that device to your account. You should **not** select this option if you want to use your primary Google account with Raccoon since you cannot delete profiles once they are uploaded.
Use the GSF ID of an existing device
You should select this option either if you want to Raccoon to mimic your phone/tablet exactly or if you want to download apps that require very special hardware configurations. Keep in mind that once a hardware profile is uploaded to an account, it can never be deleted again.

In case you opt for the second option, you probably need either Dummy Droid or Droidentify which will help you with obtaining a valid GSF ID.