Downloading different versions of an app

By default, Raccoon will download the latest APK for the device it is configured to use. In some cases, this may not be desireable (e.g. if the latest APK version misbehaves in one way or the other). Therefore, Raccoon allows you to download arbitrary versions by manually entering the download parameters:

The packagename is the unique identifier of an app. It looks like a reverse domain name, e.g. de.onyxbits.textfiction.
Internally, Android apps are versioned by using a single integer value. The higher the number, the newer the app. Some app developers simply count the versioncode sequentially, others encode the release date in it. Sadly there is no way to list all the versions of an app.
Paid vs. free
Paid apps have a slightly different download process than free ones. However, it is not possible to download paid apps with Raccoon without paying for them.
Offer Type
The use of the offer type is unknown. Just leave it at 1.