Feature list

Raccoon is primarily a Google Play client for downloading Android apps. But it's feature set extends way beyond that.

Google Play Access

  • Download free and paid apps.
  • Download apps larger than 50MB.
  • Download older app versions.
  • Optionally connect via proxy.
  • Bypass device and country restrictions.

App Management

Raccoon doesn't litter APK files all over your hard drive!

  • Keep your app collection in one place
  • Download updates when it is convenient.
  • Organize apps into groups (e.g.

ADB integration

With the Android SDK installed, Raccoon offers a convenient frontend for the ADB tool, allowing you to:

  • Directly install apps from within Raccoon
  • Take screenshots
  • Push urls to the phone's webbrowser.

Integrated webserver

Raccoon comes with an integrated, zero-config webserver. With a QR code scanner app you can:

  • Download apps to your device.
  • Download arbitrary files to your device
  • Copy arbitrary text over to your device.