What to do if Raccoon cannot find a specific app

Raccoon has to pass itself off as a real Android device in order to get service from Google Play. Unfortunately, not every app is compatible with every device and developers may add further restrictions in the Play developer console (e.g. exclude countries they don't want to or can't do business in).

There are quite a number of reasons why Play would deny downloading a given app, so the first step is emailing the developer:

> Dear $DEVELOPER, I just found your $APP via Google Play web search. Unfortunately, it won't show up in the Playstore app, so I cannot download it. Could you provide me with the system requirements and/or tell me if there are any extra restrictions (carrier, country, device,..) that would prevent me from obtaining your product?

Once you know what the problem is, you need to reconfigure Raccoon to pass itself off as a compatible device via Market|Profiles|Add:

  • If the problem is a country restriction, you will need to tick the "I want to connect via proxy" checkbox on the first page and supply the address of a suitable server on the next screen.
  • If the problem is an actual device compatibility issue, then you need to select "Mimic an existing device" on the second screen and provide the GSF ID and a user agent on the next screen.

Important: Always use a throw away account when experimenting! Play does not allow you to delete device profiles after registering them.