Why you should register an account exclusively for Raccoon

You use Raccoon at your own risk. This includes the risk of Account loss. Using a spare one is your safe bet. The list below addresses some points you might want to take into consideration before using your primary account.

Google makes it's money from profiling people in order to serve them targeted ads. Your Google account, in a nutshell, is the file, in which Google collects intel about you. Every Google service (e.g. Search, Gmail, Plus, Youtube,...) you use while logged in records data into that file (e.g. your gender, age, location, tax bracket). This is not in your best interest. Using one account per service makes it harder for Google to correlate the data.
Account safety
Your account is an extremely one sided contract, giving Google all the benefits and virtually no obligations. In particular, Google may terminate any account for any reason at any time. While Raccoon is virtually indistinguishable from a real smartphone, if used normally, it also offers the freedom to experiment. If you choose to add thousands of impossible devices (e.g. Full HD Smartwatches), then you are likely going to raise a flag and some automated process might detect this as a hacking attempt, disabling your account.
Keeping your account clean
One reason for using an APK downloader is gaining access to apps, officially incompatible with your phone. It usually requires a bit of guesswork and uploading several different device profiles in order to accomplishing that goal. The end result is having devices bound to your account that you can never delete again.