Frequently Asked Questions - Usage

Try starting Raccoon from the commandline (not supported for the .exe version, please use the .jar version) with the following parameter:

The Raccoon directory can be configured via the raccoon.home system property. Please note that system properties can only be specified for the JAR, not the EXE binary, e.g.:

  java -Draccoon.home=/somewhere/else -jar raccoon.jar

Also note that different directories count as different installations. Each installation requires an individual unlock key.

Raccoon v3.x and Raccoon v4.x are entirely incompatible with each other and there is no automatic upgrade path. If you were using v3.x previously, you might want to backup your earlier installation and remove its files afterwards. This, however, is not a requirement. Both versions can coexist next to each other without problems as they do not share files/directories.

You can get the technical details for a search result from the "Download Tool" dialog. The dialog can be found under Market|Download directly.