Raccoon Premium Features

In a nutshell, developing and distributing Raccoon is expensive. The Android ecosystem is always evolving and Raccoon needs to constantly be adapted to those changes in order to stay functional. Without funding, the project cannot continue.

Buying premium features, simply put, is what pays for the bills:

  • Research (e.g. buying devices for analysis)
  • Development (code does not write itself!)
  • Server rent

In addition to updates that keep the software serviceable, premium users also get these paid features:

Manage multiple profiles
Raccoon has to mimic an Android device in order to get service from Google Play. Unfortunately, the Android market is very fragmented and Play will never allow a device to download apps, it is not compatible with. Premium users get to configure multiple device profiles and switch between them at their leisure.
Internal Webserver
Raccoon comes with a build-in webserver that allows you to easily download apps and other files to your device via WLAN. No receiving app is required on the smartphone (though a QR code scanner is recommended for ease of use). Got a friend who wants pick up an MP3 from your desktop computer? This is the way to go!
App Management
Raccoon is not just an APK downloader, but also the place to keep all your apps, whether they come from Google Play or alternative markets such as Humble Bundle. Once your app collection grows, you'll want to organize your repository. Premium users can do exactly that: group apps into categories and easily invoke batch operations on them (e.g. re-install all the "essential" apps after flashing a custom ROM).
Direct app installation via ADB
Let's face it, pushing APKs to your device manually is a hassle. Especially if you want to install several apps at once and particularly if they include OBB files. Why not let Raccoon handle this for you?
Send links to your device's webbrowser
Sure, most webbrowsers can sync tabs across several devices. But ask yourself: do you really want to send potentially sensitive information through the cloud? Raccoon can send URLs from your clipboard via USB to your device. No receiving app required!
Text Transfer
Everyone has this problem once in a while: you got this text snippet on your desktop PC that you need on your smartphone. Sure, you could email it to yourself, or you could simply use Raccoon's general purpose QR Tool to just copy it over.
Extract APKs
Ever wanted to see what's inside of an APK file? Maybe extract the soundtrack of a game? Premium users can do exactly that!

Once unlocked, premium features carry over between versions! Your investment stays with you on upgrades, so order now.