This is a bugfix, as well as a feature and maintenance release. Support for prior versions of Raccoon ends with this update since Google made changes to the client/server protocol. Please update as soon as possible.

Premium keys bought for v4.0.x remain valid and will carry over automatically. No user action is required.


  • Reworked app importing: Raccoon is now able to scan a directory tree for candidates.
  • Added --gpa-search (developer only)


  • Don't choke when downloading an APK without an icon
  • No longer delete app/profile association after changing the account's password.
  • Allow non-premium users to setup a new profile after deleting their current one.
  • Vastly improved ADB file transfer speed


  • Various GUI tweaks
  • Explain premium features in the Help menu
  • Friendlier formatting in the shoutbox
  • Caught up with Google's latest change for communicating search results, which gives special treatment to popular apps
  • "VIP apps" now open directly in the details view when being searched for
  • Preparations for accepting more forms of payment (other than Paypal)
  • Lots of internal restructuring and cleanup


This is a bugfix release. No new features were added. The 4.0.2 binary is a drop in replacement for the 4.0.1 release. No further user action is required, existing keys will carry over automatically.


  • Renamed the "QR tool" to "QR Code Generator".
  • Made the layout of the shoutbox more readable.
  • Disable the "Help|Unlock features" menu entry if there's nothing to do there.
  • Various clarifications in how things are phrased.
  • Minor code cleanup
  • FIXED: In special cases, the setup wizard would get stuck, only displaying "1" below the progress bar.


This is a bugfix release, no new features were added.

Bugs fixed:

  • Gave the desktop icon a transparent background on MS Windows.
  • Made the tooltip on the rating panel more explicit
  • Allow copy&paste for the app description
  • Moved the download button below the app description to make more for the install count.
  • Mimic a more recent device by default
  • Adaptations to a change in the login process


  • Increase search result size to 20 apps
  • Only .exe binary: Force IPv4 to be used when starting a server.


Raccoon v4.0.0 is a complete rewrite, taking the the application beyond being a mere APK downloader.