Raccoon is open source software, licensed under the terms of the Apache License version 2.

Release notes

4.19.0 Sep 7, 2021

Maintenance release:

  • Potential fix for the “Bad Authentication” error.
  • Adjusted a timeout to give Play more time to settle after creating a new profile. Without this, the first ever search would result in a strange collection of apps being found.

If you do not have problems with Raccoon being unable to log your Google Account in, stay with version 4.18.0.

4.18.0 May 10, 2021

Added –gpa-download-dir commandline argument to download APK files to an external path, which is not tracked by Raccoon.

4.17.0 Mar 3, 2021
  • BUGFIX: when deleting a bundled app (“split APK”), delete all it’s APK files.
  • BUGFIX: fixed a race condition when reloading the app list in the packagemanager after deleting an app.
  • BUGFIX: Limit the newsfeed to the 10 latest items to keep the UI from stalling when parsing the HTML
4.16.0 Feb 22, 2021
  • BUGFIX: Do not cause a DF-DFERH-01 error when downloading updates and a profile has no apps associated.
  • BUGFIX: Do not fail when updating apps on a device and the app in question is an app bundle.
  • Updated library dependencies.
4.15.0 Jul 3, 2020
  • BUGFIX: Download without crashing when Google Play does not include a download auth cookie with the app delivery response.
4.14.0 Apr 21, 2020
  • Fixed a layout bug in the ‘unlock features’ dialog that would squash the personalisation code.
  • SECURITY BUGFIX: Verify the TLS certificate

Version 4.13 is vulnerable to a man in the middle attack during login. The security hole requires a targeted attack to exploit. The risk assessment is low. The attacker may capture the session cookie and the encrypted password. Upgrading to 4.14 is highly recommended.

4.13.0 Feb 29, 2020
  • Added hungarian translation
  • Don’t hang when importing (no longer existing) apps
  • Fixed an ordering issue that would keep apps from getting updates.
4.12.0 Feb 5, 2020
4.11.0 Oct 21, 2019
  • Keep up with protocol changes

Google changed the app search protocol again, resulting in Raccoon v4.10 (and earlier) showing non app items for certain search terms. These are filtered away now.

4.10.0 Oct 1, 2019
  • Allow the full range of ports to be used when configuring a proxy.