November 2, 2022


The guardian titles Mastodon gained 70,000 users after Musk’s Twitter takeover. Now, this headline summarizes everything in one sentence, that’s wrong with social media, when it comes to numbers.

  • 70k may sound a lot in absolute numbers, but is actually just a drop in the ocean compaired to Twitter’s 450 million daily users.
  • Did those 70k users actually move from Twitter to Mastodon, burning bridges in the process, or are they now on both platforms?
  • Who are those 70k users? Are they people that do follow or are they people that have followers? Are they posters or lurkers?

In other words: how does the loss of these 70k users harm Twitter and benefit Mastodon? Counting users, ratings, likes, stars, whatever is a completely pointless metric to measure relevance, but it is all, social media is about.