October 4, 2022

Is there anything coming out of India these days that's not a scam?

I got mail (and a good laugh)

I kinda wonder if it occurred to “Joel” that offering payment in Rupees defeats the purpose of him lying about westernizing his name…

I'm joel, looking for certain account requirements that has two or more white apps. I loved your account and would be pleased to work with you. 


1. We publish our app in your account and in return we pay you Rs300 every week. We pay on the first day of life of our application.

2. If the application or account is deleted by Google, then the payment stops⚠️

3. It is strictly forbidden to remove or hide our application from your account.⚠️

4. App update is free

5. We will never ask you to pay any sort of fee

Let me know, if there is any doubt. 
Reply to get started:) 

For reference, Rs300 is about 3.70€ and something makes me doubt, that Google would leave his app on Play long enough to even collect the first payment. I am kinda tempted to reply though, just to get my mitts the APK and see what’s inside.