February 25, 2020

Preview: Dummydroid 2.0 - The new app compatibility checker and GSF ID generator

We all know the problem: Google Play only allows us to download apps, compatible with our device and accessible from our current location. Well, that can be helped.

Question: What do you do when you realize that one of your projects is becoming hard to maintain due to code rot?

Well, the old Dummydroid has become pretty much unfixable by now. Time to rewrite from scratch and to put it on steroids this time. The new version will have the following features:

  • Load a device definition from a 🗋 build.prop file.
  • Scan a connected device via ADB to extract its device definition (NEW)
  • Allow the device definition to be tweaked as needed.
  • Register a new GSF ID for the device/account combo
  • Full HTTPS/SOCKS (Tor) support for extra anonymity and/or bypassing geo blocks (NEW)
  • Conveniently create the User Agent string for Raccoon (NEW)
  • Check if the device specs / proxy settings are suitable to download a (region blocked) app (NEW)
  • Safe the settings for later (NEW)

In a nutshell, the new Dummydroid will actually be a mini Raccoon. In fact, it will eventually be merged into Raccoon, but that’s the long term goal. For the time being it will stay a separate app.

Sneak peek: Dummydroid 2.0 user interface