March 14, 2022

Top 10 best Android safety tips 2022

Kidding, there's actually just one and the title is clickbait. Welcome to the internet, have a nice stay.

So, worried about smartphone security, ey? Let’s recap:

  • You are running an operation system from an adtech company, you cannot/do not/should not trust.
  • The OS has been modified by a device manufuckturer, you cannot/do not/should not not trust.
  • The device has been branded by a telco, you cannot/do not/should not trust.
  • Most of the apps you (want to) run are adware, you cannot/do not/should not trust.
  • You are probably two to three security updates behind (because of the telco and the manufuckturer not merging patches from the adtech company), so your device is in a state you cannot/do not/should not trust.

Did I leave anything out?

Assuming you haven’t closed the browser tab already, there’s pretty much only one security advice I can give you:

Treat your Android device like it’s a public computer/phone

Don’t put anything personal/private on it. If it doesn’t feel safe to have on a computer at a public library, then it’s also not safe to have on an Android device either.

Yeah, this pretty much takes the smart out of smartphone. Dumb, but you asked for security advice, not convenience. The two are mutually exclusive. Deal with it.