February 12, 2022


Just had an argument with a career jumper about signing up for a coding bootcamp and becoming a software developer. Sure software engineers are in high demand and well paid, but here’s the catch: you can’t become an engineer in a couple of weeks (a degree course takes 9+ semesters) and therefore won’t land one of those jobs. If anything, you demonstrate willingness to take shortcuts which is precisely what you are not suppose to do as an engineer. So basically you just pay tuition fees to be rushed through the latest hype and be useless to the industry upon graduation.

Of course, there are also those bootcamps where the course comes bundled with a job offering, but the thing to understand here is that you are not trained for a(ny) job in the software industry, but exactly this job. You graduate with the narrow skillset that particular employer is looking and willing to pay for. In other words, you end up locked into the job no one else wanted.