February 16, 2022


The three main issues I have with career jumpers in tech are:

  • They are motivated by the prospect of a high paying job as a programmer, but somehow fail to understand that the high income results (in part) from the expenses of the 4 year degree course, they are so desperately trying to skip.
  • They are taking shortcuts by signing up for coding bootcamps. When engineers take shortcuts, bridges collapse, cars crash and software gets hacked.
  • They sound like they are ginding experience points to invest in their skilltree. Learning how to program is not the same as playing an MMORPG!

I mean, “Hello, I went to a coding bootcamp for 4 months to become a fullstack developer” is about as ridiculous as a proposal as “Hello, I went to a construction bootcamp for 4 months to become an architect, a mason and a plumber”