February 18, 2022


So, I have been looking at some coding bootcamp websites now as a basis for a blog article. Most are happy to teach HTML + CSS + JavaScript.

JavaScript is an interpreted language that may be sandwiched in between a markup language. That makes it already slow to begin with. Things don’t improve, performance wise, by adding frameworks to do the heavy lifting and rendering the page on the client (over and over again). Shit really hits the fan, when would be programmers then start plugging their application together from ready made NPM modules because they don’t understand algorithms themselves, hope that someone else does (flip a coin) and end up creating a dependency hell, where no one knows any longer what code the computer is actually running.

That ladies and gentleman is, in a nutshell, the cost of cheaply trained labor: industry standard, slow and bloated, potentially insecure websites with a huge CO2 footprint, because people think that taking shortcuts and focusing on just programming languages is sufficient to become a programmer.