November 24, 2022

Giving Mastodon another try

Maybe there's still hope for social media…

Ok, I’m still not convinced that Mastodon is a useful tool, but since Elon Musk decided to burn Twitter to the ground, it’s at least not a ghost town any more. Not sure how much fun it is going to be, with all the pronoun confused social warrior refugees screaming tooting at the top of their lungs that servers must be banned because someone there isn’t left enough, but yeah, I made myself an account. At least with this social media, there’s a believable promise that it won’t end in surveillance capitalism.

Meet me at

I’m not sure, if I’m actually going to keep the account/stay on Mastodon. The clownspeak crowd is already getting on my nerves. The main reason, I got interested in in the first place is that I’m working on a revamped version of the Raccoon user interface and I want an app discovery feature in it. I also want it to be non-algorithmic, non gameable and most importantly filled with useful apps. Not the usual crap that just floats to the top because the developers burn big money on advertising, but apps that people genuinely recommend. I don’t have any idea how to make that happen, yet. I just have the feeling that the ActivityPub, on which Mastodon is build, might do the trick (once I have figured out how it works).

So, if the feature above is of interest to you, feel free to follow me on and help with the experiment.

NOTE: I will not provide software support on Mastodon. That’s a paid feature and I intent to keep it that way, but we can talk about pretty much everything else.