March 26, 2022


Can’t wait for “protestware” to become a thing. If you can (ab)use open source software to protest against a war, what other political statements could you have ride piggy back as well?

I mean, it’s not like popular open source projects don’t, sooner or later, get infested by vocal minorities looking for a platform to spread their message on. You know, the type that doesn’t actually contribute code (unless its a code of cunt duct), but rather “works” on wasting everyone’s time with cultural sensitivity training to the point of breaking build systems left and right because Git branches must now be renamed from “master” so something that is non-offensive to people who are at least fifth generation descendants of slaves.

Just imagine the fun we could have if that ilk gets wise of the possibility of automatically defacing websites (or opening backdoors) when their NodeJS code detects being deployed on servers by $EVILCORP. Nothing would burn NPM faster to the ground and we could finally stop treating JavaScript as a backend language and bootcamp coders like professionals.