October 18, 2022

The Indian scam doesn't continue

Joel bailed on me.

Haven’t heard from Joel in over a week now, even though I sent him a reminder, asking if this was still going on. Looks like he completely ghosted me. But why? Did he smell the rat? Seems unlikely that someone who scrapes Google Play for email addresses would actually bother checking the associated websites (and the blogs on their subdomains). He did use a burner Gmail address to contact me, though. Did Google close his account? It’s a possibility. But a properly layered scam should be resilient against that, shouldn’t it? Or maybe, I’m just expecting way too much professionalism here and Joel is really only a one man shit show. Some kind of a newbie Darknet subcontractor who realized that this is way over his head?

Oh well, Indian-made, what can you expect? Even their scams are garbage.