I reader notes: Sure, Elon Musk acts erratically as the new owner of Twitter. But maybe there’s method to his madness. He’s a successful business man after all, so he probably has a plan?

Remember Game of Thrones ? Robert Baratheon was a pretty shit king who only got the job because he landed one successful coup in his youth (taking the throne). After that he realized that he liked being king, but hated running a kingdom. So, he simply delegated the day-to-day business to his small council and never attended even a single one of its meetings. When the king wanted something (let’s say a banquet), he usually had no ideas of how to make it happen (or how to pay for it) and the wish would simply be passed down the chain of command till it eventually reached someone who did.

The kingdom never had a problem with being ruled by an incompetent king, because everyone in the chain of command understood that his own power was granted by a superior and ultimately the monarch himself. In other words, it was in everyone’s interest to uphold the illusion that whoever sat on the throne was the right (wo)man for the job. Or as Jaime Lannister put it so eloquently: “The king shits, and the Hand wipes.

As far as Elon Musk is concerned, there are too many jobs (and investments) on the line. People just have to believe that he has a plan and deal with whatever he is actually doing, even when he’s running around Twitter HQ, carrying a bathroom sink and calling himself Chief Twit.