DummyDroid v2.x FAQ

Can I use DummyDroid to increase the download count of my own app(s)?

No, DummyDroid will not report a download as an installation. This would be against the Google Play Developer TOS anyways and you probably don’t want to risk your account flagged.

Do I have to download ADB?

No, you can use a system installed one. Just make sure it is running before starting DummyDroid and pressing the “probe device” button.

Where does DummyDroid keep its files?

Open the About dialog ( Help > About ) and click the “Where am I?” button. It will open a file manager in DummyDroid’s main folder.

Why are no apps compatible, even though I probed a real device?

Double check the “Versions” tab in the datasheet. Chances are that you were probing a device with disabled Google Play Services.

Can I change the DummyDroid directory?

Yes! Just pass the desired directory with the workspace system property, e.g.:

java -Dworkspace=/some/place/else -jar dummydroid.jar