Advanced Usage

Profiles: Saving/Restoring the workbench

When dealing with stubborn apps often, it may become tedious to always enter credentials and probe a device. This is especially true when geo blocking, not device compatibility is the issue. DummyDroid can save save and restore the device in the workbench via File > Save As.. and File Open.. respectively. Please note that unlike the device specifications, you copy&paste via the Edit menu, profiles do contain your credentials. Do not share them!

DummyDroid and Raccoon

To transfer a profile from DummyDroid to Raccoon, open Raccoon’s Setup Wizard via Market > Profiles > Add . You will be asked if you want to create a new default device, or mimic an existing one. Choose the later option. Raccoon will ask you for a user agent and a GSF ID. You will find them in DummyDroid under View > User Agent and View > GSF ID respectively.