Store APKs locally

Your harddrive is way larger than your internal storage, make use of it!

Downloading APK’s to your desktop PC? Why the detour?

Download once, install many times

Du you end up downloading the same app over and over again? Maybe because you flash custom ROMs, own multiple devices or simply have to juggle with the available space on your internal storage? By storing the APKs on your computer you can save yourself quite a bit of time.

Let’s take a peek

An APK file is more or less a ZIP archive. Did you ever want to see what’s “inside” an app? Check which advertising networks it sells you to (potentially stop it from doing so)? Extract a games soundtrack? Mod it?

Keep backups

Apps can be pulled from Play by their developers and by Google at any time without prior warning. It’s always a good idea to keep a backup, just in case.