Play is a complex and constantly evolving ecosystem with little or no documentation of its internals. Unfortunately that means things may break occasionally.

Raccoon ignores commandline parameters (windows only)

The EXE wrapper does not hand through commandline arguments. You have to use the JAR version.

Your session probably timed out. Use the setup wizard to log in again.

DF-DFERH-01 when logging in

Google probably flagged the login attempt as suspicious (this can happen after switching ISPs, for example). You need to log your accoutn in through your webbrowser and confirm the failed login attemp (“That was me”) in the activity log.

DF-DFERH-01 when updating apps (search works)

Did you configure several profiles? It is possible that the session of one timed out. Try a search on each of them and, after finding the troublemaker, logging that profile back in using the setup wizard.

Raccoon can’t find more recent apps

App search is performed serverside and Play will only give you apps, compatible with your device. In case you have been using Raccoon for a very long time, your profiles will become dated (profiles are not automatically updated when you update Raccoon). Try creating a new profile, using the setup wizard.

The download button isn’t enabled

You already have the app downloaded.

Apps aren’t getting updated.

Did you delete (and recreate) profiles? In that case you also delete the app/account relationship and Raccoon will treat the app as “imported” (imported apps do not get updated).

Can’t log in

This can have two causes

  • You are using two factor authentication on your account (not supported by Raccoon)
  • You have suspicious activity on your account.

Either way you need to log in using your webbrowser. In case of two factor authentication, you either need to disable 2FA or create an application specific password for Raccoon. In case of suspicious activities, you need to confirm that the login attempts were by you.